Eyeko Punk

It’s downright gloomy outside. Cold and rainy and just the nastiest kind of autumn-y. You’d figure that Eyeko has a polish just right for this occasion — Rain. But that would just add to the general greyness of things.

So instead, today I’m wearing Eyeko’s Punk for Neon Nails.

There is a good reason for the blurry picture, the only way to get a colour accurate picture of a neon with my cell-phone camera is not to focus on the nails. ;p

This is a fantastic colour and the end result is really really pretty. Completely opaque in two coats. The only downside is that it is quite thick, and if you’re not ready to tackle that, you’ll also need a nail polish thinner.

This is more colour accurate, but infinitely blurrier.


So, instead of Neon Nails, I’d say: “Punk for a rainy day…”

What are your favourite polishes for when you’re feeling blue?




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