Nubar Prevail

This is an oldie, but a goodie. 🙂 It is also my icon introduction.

My darling Lotta, and Nubar’s Prevail from the Modern Matte’s Collection. A muted red-toned purple matte that covers perfectly in two coats and dries in minutes. Lovely. I really should wear it more often.


Oh, and she’s definitely a fan of nail polish. Whenever I leave a polish drawer open, she’s in there having a ball messing up all the bottles. 😛

What are the more mischievous habits of your pets?




4 thoughts on “Nubar Prevail

  1. Sadly my dog lives in england so I don’t see her that often. I know when I’m home she’s been sleeping on my bed/coat/clothes though…. they are always covered in dog!

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