Isadora Graffiti Top Coat Spraycan Blue

This is a surprise! A European company gives the polish a name besides a number.

I was feeling like spicing it up for Sunday today and decided to use my bottle Isadora Graffiti Top Coat in Spraycan Blue (is that a mouthful or what?) from the “untouched” pile over my previous manicure of Eyeko’s Punk.

I feel slightly like an Easter egg:


But a pretty awesome and colourful Easter egg. 😉

This has a wide maxi brush that made the application very easy. I noticed that the thicker coats (and more coats) I use, the greater the crackle effect. I used one thick coat on my left hand and the blue was lighter and more evenly patterned, while the two coats on my right hand (pictured above) lead to a fantastic wide and uneven cracks.

I added a top coat to give it more shine as the blue dried a bit matte.

How do you feel about crackle polishes?




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