Orly Iron Butterfly

I did not feel like taking off my awesome colourful manicure at all. But I can’t really wear it to work.

So this is a total opposite. The shimmery matte charcoal/black that is Orly’s Iron Butterfly:

I went with a matte, because I wanted quick application and minimal drying time. Well, I kinda got them. My usual experience with matte polishes is that I need one coat, maybe two and by the time I’m finished with one hand, the other’s dry.

Iron Butterfly was very streaky at first coat, patchy at second, and so I definitely needed a third. It’s my first time wearing it and I was getting frustrated. Luckily, even with three coats, the drying time was only minutes. 🙂

It’s such a gloomy opposite to my previous cheerful manicure that I’m not really feeling it atm… I suppose it will look more elegant once I get it cleaned up and hopefully I’ll like it a bit more.


One thought on “Orly Iron Butterfly

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