Eyeko Vintage

Dark and vampy becomes pastel and cheery today. I’m wearing a polish from Eyeko’s this year’s spring line — Vintage for Elegant Nails. The label on the bottle says it’s a jade green, which I consider an accurate description of the colour.

I feel like my nails are “clean” and elegant while wearing it. I’d been forewarned so before using the polish for the first time, I added a drop of nail polish thinner to it, as some of Eyeko’s cremes tend to be on the thick and goopy side. That made the application process a truly pleasant experience. It was a little bit streaky (nothing unusual for pastels) so I needed three thin coats to make it nice and even. Totally worth it! Topped with Seche Vite, the finish is glossy and eye-catching.

This is a perfect reminder of summer on this gloomy day.




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