Mereneid Purple Glitter (layered)

Do you know layering remorse? That is when you have a perfectly pretty manicure and you decide to add something on top and it ruins it.

I was thinking this might be the case today. I have a nice small particle purple glitter polish from a local brand — Mereneid. I’ve used it once over a dark purple foil and it was gorgeous. Using sheer base glitters over a dark polish usually turns out well. So I have no idea really why I decided to try a darkish glitter polish over a pastel!

Here’s the polish:

It’s very multi-coloured even though the main glitter is purple. Thanks to the Vintage underneath though, it now looks predominantly silver.

And here it is two layers over Eyeko Vintage:

Close-up for you:

Can’t say I really have layering remorse. 🙂 I did like the clean creme look better, but I get bored easily. This was fun and easy, and it’ll burn your eyes with the sparkle in lamp light. We’re talking serious bling here!




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