China Glaze DV8

After a morning of glitter-removal (ouch) I went for my favourite quick-and-easy polish — China Glaze’s DV8 from the OMG! collection. This is a lovely teal holographic polish.

I really love the two polishes I own from this collection; they have an amazing formula, fantastic coverage, super-fast drying time, and very easy removal. Even the wear time is great. So really, what’s not to love? Only the fact that China Glaze discontinued them and if you want them, you need to hunt them down on eBay.

I tried to capture the rainbow effect, but having no direct sunlight wasn’t exactly helpful. 😛

And here’s a close-up:

The little bumpies on my nails are actually my nails peeling. 😦 It’s the cold and dry season, and my nails are suffering for it. I think I might just need to cut them down to nubbins, and get a restore polish of some kind to use for base coat… Any good ones to rec?




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