Essie Going Incognito

Cremes are so much easier in autumn than shimmers. They don’t need good light to look their best.

I decided to wear Essie’s Going Incognito from their Winter 2010 Collection. It’s a medium to dark grayed out blue based green creme. Maybe a little teal even? A very nice muddy looking colour for the season.

It dried just a little bit darker than the bottle, but I’m very fair, so it just might have seemed like that to me. But it was a solid two-coater, nicely pigmented.

Close up:

Overall, I think that the entire Essie Winter Collection is beautiful, but this is the most interesting polish from it, and a nice change from the usual near-black or taupe-ish colours. Lovely.

I’d be even more pleased, if I hadn’t managed to get cat hair stuck on my almost dry nails. 😛




2 thoughts on “Essie Going Incognito

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