Nfu-Oh and Nubar Flakie Extravaganza

Do I ever have a treat for you! My layering flakies! I’m still wearing Essie’s Going Incognito and it’s beautiful. However, I was organising my stash and noticed my layering flakies I haven’t used in a while… I got curious about how dissimilar they really are… and do I need more?

Back to front (left to right): Nfu-Oh #52, Nfu-Oh #51, Nfu-Oh #60, Nubar 2010

I layered them over Essie’s Going Incognito starting from the ring finger (pinkie is just plain Essie :)) in the same order ending with Nubar on my thumb. All polishes are one coat.

Gorgeous, all of them. 🙂 But let’s have a closer look.

Nubar’s 2010 is basically opalescent flakies (mostly they look orange-to-green) in a sheer base. The flakies are medium-sized and pretty dense in the base. Best worn over dark polishes but interesting enough over lighter ones as well. Here you are:

Nfu-Oh #60 is opalescent flakies in a black jelly base. The flakies are larger than in 2010 and more sparse. It doesn’t look as “busy” as Nubar’s 2010. It’s also the most opaque out of my Nfu-Oh flakies, so it’s totally wearable on it’s own without layering it over anything.

Nfu-Oh #51 is again opalescent flakies but in a purple jelly base. What makes it different and truly outstanding is that it also has a ton of opalescent shimmer in it! This is definitely a layering polish, takes about 4-5 coats to get it opaque on it’s own and all the covering up diminishes the flakie effect. To get it to look like in the bottle, just layer over a medium purple creme! 😉

Nfu-Oh #52 has the exact same purple jelly base as #51, it also has the lovely shimmer in it. The difference comes from the colour of the flakies/shimmer. While in #51 the flakies are orange-red-golden green, then in Nfu-Oh #52, they are Mermaid coloured! Green-to-blue. While here I’m showing it over a dark green, I really love it over a vivid medium purple with a matte top coat. Then it looks like a dragon’s belly!

It’s confirmed; I do need them all! And probably some more. 😀 My current lemming is Nfu-Oh #54. If you’re in Tallinn, you can just walk on over to Viis to check these out. If you’re outside Estonia, Viis also has a webstore. 😉

Here’s one in lamp-light to show off the shimmer:

Have a great weekend!




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