Green Creme Comparison

I decided to make some changes in my blog’s appearance and functionality. Way more work than I’d though. But I’m pretty pleased now.

Played around with my camera a bit, and I figure it’s better configured now for taking macro shots.

Let’s see how it worked. I swatched some of my favourite green cremes for you today. Five fingers, five polishes, all quite different.

Here they are all lined up:

Left-to-right: Eyeko Vintage, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, Essie Going Incognito, Eyeko Military, SpaRitual Yes, I Can!


On my fingers in the same order (Vintage on pinkie, Yes, I Can! on thumb):

All polishes are two coats, even though if careful, Four Leaf Clover is a one-coater. The most sheer out of these were the two Eyekos which are solid two-coaters.

Vintage is a lovely Tiffany green, or a pale pastel jade green.

Four Leaf Clover is a vivid, almost neon Kelly green. Brighter than it appears in the photo.

Going Incognito is a dark, muted blue-green.

Military is a dark olive green. You can really see the yellow-brown undertone in this one.

Yes, I Can! is a bright grass green.

Very different, but if we’re playing favourites, what greens do you prefer?




When my PIA slow internet connection starts working again, I’ll upload my nails for tomorrow as well. 🙂


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