Lumene Trouble Maker

Enough of cremes, let’s look at a foil! I first saw Lumene’s (a Finnish brand) Trouble Maker in a store a couple of weeks ago. I passed, because in the store lighting it reminded me too much of OPI’s Lu-Certainly Look Marvelous… Well, I was wrong; they’re nothing alike.

I saw it again when Alizarine wore it the other day. I ran to the store, and it was still there, Lumene’s Trouble Maker (all pictures are click-able):

Look at it! It’s a medium grey base with golden and blue shimmer. It’s so unique and so beautiful.

It’s in a 4.5 ml mini-bottle. That fact alone is horrible about it. Lumene’s home page justifies the tiny bottle by saying this way you have the chance to finish the bottle before it dries up…. pfft! Haven’t they heard of thinner.

I painted my nails with it:

The formula is just lovely, and so is the wide-ish brush. Very easy to control, the application process was.

It is a bit sheer, so it’s a three-coater.  But topped with Seche Vite, the drying time was fast.

The tiny bottle combined with the fact it is a three-coater mean that I need a back-up of this.

It sparkles in lamp-light:

Duh! It’s a foil. 😉

Look at the distinctly golden and blue shimmer in it:

I haven’t stopped staring at my nails all day long.

I usually don’t like companies duping each other, but I really wish that some company with a regular-size bottle would dupe this little beauty.

What do you think of it? Do you have it already? Or something similar?




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