Essie Sew Psyched

After a dabble in red, I’m back to green. For some reason, I’m really loving green on my nails right now… Must be the lack of it outside.

The previous green I wore was from Essie’s Winter 2010 collection, this is from Autumn 2010 — Sew Psyched.

Sew Psyched is a lovely greyed sage green with barely there silver microshimmer. It’s an elegant and peaceful colour as a creme, but the hidden shimmer really pushes it over the edge into must have category for me.

Two other reasons why you need it: a) it’s a near dupe to RBL’s coveted Diddy Mow; b) it’s so pigmented, it’s a one-coater! 😀


Unfortunately, as I was taking pictures, I messed up some of my tips. 😦 Thus, no full hand shots. I really love the colour though, so I did a quick repair and cover-up with China Glaze’s Grape Pop — a medium blue-based purple creme (also a one-coater):

It’s my first time ever trying two-colour nails! How did it turn out? Do you like the colour combo?




5 thoughts on “Essie Sew Psyched

  1. mmm…mõlemad lakid meeldivad mulle, nii eraldi kui kombinatsioonis. peaks endale ka tellima… loen siin sinu blogi ja näpud sügelevad tellima. õnneks saan homme paar uut lakki kätte 😀

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