Alessandro Dusty Purple

Alessandro is my favourite European company. I’ve never been failed by the quality of their formula, buttery application, great staying power and beautiful colours to choose from their twice a year trend collections.

So I was overjoyed when walking through the store today I noticed that Alessandro’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection Go Fashion! was finally on sale in this little corner of the world. Go Fashion! is a collection of nine gorgeous cremes (from bright yellow, to muted colours to lovely nudes) and one hidden micro-shimmer light taupe:

I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of the colours… and I really think I might go back and get several more from this collection as they are all pretty amazing.

Today, I put on Dusty Purple from the collection:

This is a smooth and glossy darkish purple-grey. I haven’t seen them side by side, but I think it might be close to Zoya’s Kelly… or possibly Paradoxal’s base colour. It’s kind of a mixture of purple-grey-brown.

Dusty Purple covers perfectly in two coats:

Have you picked up something from this collection? And how awesome is that they actually have a really bright yellow in the autumn/winter collection. 🙂




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