3D Shiny!

I was planning on showing you something for Alessandro’s latest collection today, but there’s been a change of plans.

I was standing in line at the grocery store today, and in a basket there were 80 (Euro) cent polishes. Amongst them I saw a really cheap looking polish bottle with no company name except the words 3D Shiny! Holographic on it. It appeared to be a light green holo, so naturally I picked it up. What was there to loose?

It looked slightly holographic in the bottle, but when I got a look of it on my nails in lamp light —

— it is most definitely a holo! 😀 It’s a lot more light green and less silver than it appears in the photos, and holo effect is more on the scattered side, but totally present. Two coats for opacity, easy to use brush and formula. I used no top nor bottom coat and it got surface dry in a few minutes. However, I still managed to dent one nail badly when I took pictures 20 minutes later. 😦

Usually, I’d take a polish off in that situation, but as it’s late I’m going to sleep with it to see how well it holds up on the nails. I do hope it stays put for more than a couple of hours….

I’d also like to see what it looks like in sunlight!

Have a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “3D Shiny!

    • Maximast! Paar korda aastas satun sinna ja siis nii kohe. Neil oli kassa kõrval mingi stend lakkidega ja otsas korvike 9.90 lakkidega. Sinna sekka oli see roheline ka eksinud. 🙂

      Kusjuures seal stendis oli neid holosid igasuguseid värve, lihtsalt “krõbedama” hinnaga — 30.- 😉

      Ma ootan homseni ja vaatan kas see peal ka püsib. Annan teada!

      • Väga lahe! Homme lähen vaatama, loodan, et leian midagi sellist ka meie kohalikust Maximast 🙂
        Igatahes tänud jagamast!

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