Drugstore Discovery No. 2

When an pretty colour pulls you in, what are you going to do? I was browsing in a small Russian cosmetics shop today, and saw a brand of nail polish I’d never heard of before — Flormal. (The company seems to be Turkish from a little googling.) It was super-cheap, and the swatches on the nail wheels looked good enough. Trouble was, most of their polishes were “classic” colours of reds and pinks. Then I saw No. 38.

It has one of those super long caps. 😛 The polish itself is a vivid red-based purple sheer base with medium purple-blue-turquoise glitter! It looks so bright and definitely has depth on the nails.

I couldn’t resist, and layered it over my dark grey manicure (which in hindsight wasn’t a particularly clever move):

The grey showing throw sort of kills some of the brightness of the purple base colour of the polish. 😦

The application of the polish was what you’d expect from the price — the brush was long and seemed to have a mind of its own, the polish itself thin and goopy at the same time. It also dried with a ton of bubbles… I think that might be because of the gloopiness. The drying time was very slow compared to what I’m used to… it’s still denting 30 min later. Boo.

However, even with the bubbles (which the gorgeous sparkle hides almost completely as I could only see the bubbles in the photos) the colour looks amazing. I think this would make a fun night-on-the-town colour! 🙂 I wonder if this would dry faster with the Dry-Drops.


Unfortunately, I usually don’t have the time to sit still and wait for cheap nail polish to dry, so I’m going back to combining my very first Zoya order and waiting for the OPI package I ordered last week. 😀



You can find out more information about Flormal Cosmetics here.

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