Nubar Stronghold

Another late autumn weekend, and for this one, I’m wearing Nubar’s Stronghold — a dark blue-based grey creme from their Fortress collection.

It was relatively ok to apply the polish; the formula of the Nubar cremes I have isn’t exactly one of my favourites as I always seem to get some polish in my cuticles… However, today it was ok, plus, the polish is a one-coater creme which is always pleasant.




However, I wasn’t feeling it as glossy as it was, so I decided to add Nubar’s V for Men matte top coat:

Much better! 😀



I love how smooth and plastic-y it looks now! Sometimes I just feel like wearing something like this — no shimmer, no shine, no loud colour. It’s peaceful. ♥





In Estonia, Nubar can be bought at Looks Design. Internationally, try Buy Nubar or e-Bay.

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