Alessandro Desert Rose

First off, why on Earth is this polish called Desert Rose? It genuinely doesn’t bring to mind roses; desert of otherwise.

However, Alessandro’s Desert Rose is a gorgeous polish, and my favourite from their Go Fashion! collection. I showed Dusty Purple from this collection here.

As with all Alessandro “trend” colours, the polish comes in a mini bottle.

It is a really light grey-side taupe or greige creme base with silver-gold micro shimmer. In fact, the shimmer is really hard to pin down, it looks gold in some light, silver in others.

I call it my favourite of the collection solely because of the colour which is so flattering and very trend-aware right now. However, the formula of the polish was noticeably bad considering what I’m used to with Alessandro — it was a thick and goopy mess. 😦 I’ve added some thinner to it, hopefully it’ll be better the next time I use it. I’m only showing three nails as the rest look a bit lumpy due to the polish.

But have a look at that shimmer, while not as obvious on the nails as in the bottle (pictured above) it still totally translates to the nails.

Everything said and done, I still recommend this polish! The colour is so outstanding that it shouldn’t be missed. Just add thinner before using. 😉


In Estonia, you can find Alessandro at I.L.U. stores and Tallinna Kaubamaja. Internationally, try M-Beauty24 or e-Bay.

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