Alessandro Scarlet Woman

Today, I’m going to show you the amazing berry red creme from the Go Fashion collection. It is a really outstanding red in my book (not being a lover of red). Changing colour in different lights switching between vampy and naughty Scarlet Woman is a very sexy red. (I love the name of the polish!)



In the store, I thought it was more of a murky dark pink than a red and puzzled over the name of the polish… However, on my nails —

— it is a superb medium blue-toned red creme with almost a jelly like finish. It is wonderfully pigmented, and a solid two-coater. I love to walk around the apartment wearing this as the colour depth changes so much in different lighting. Also, the formula! It’s like butter, so easy to control.  I’m telling you, Desert Rose was a total fluke for Alessandro in terms of formula. By the way, check for an update of the Desert Rose manicure at the end of this post.

I think reds are starting to win me over. 😉 Finally.



In Estonia, you can find Alessandro at I.L.U. stores and Tallinna Kaubamaja. Internationally, try M-Beauty24 or e-Bay.

p.s. I rarely (well, never, really) match my nails to what I’m wearing, but today I happened to have on an animal print cardigan with my Desert Rose and Black Tag manicure; I got a ton of compliments on my nails. 🙂


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