Drugstore Discovery No. 3

Why do I always walk out of little Russian cosmetics shops with cheap Turkish polishes?

That’s what happened to me today as I was at the post office to pick up my OPI package. The line was so long that I took my number and walked over to the shop. And there, on a dusty bottom shelf I saw two gorgeous rows of polishes by a company called Alix Avien.

I picked up two of my immediate favourites: an olive green shimmer, and a chunky hexagonal holo top coat that looks like a disco ball in a bottle.



I’m going to test these two out and see if they’re worth the $3 I payed for them. 🙂 Haven’t had really good experiences with cheap polishes lately. However, if they are… hello, my pretties!


….posting on the move.

Be on the lookout for some OPI nails later tonight as I get home!


One thought on “Drugstore Discovery No. 3

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