O.P.I. Sparkle-icious!


Occasionally O.P.I.’s polish names make me giggle; more often, they make me frown in puzzlement. But if ever there’s been an aptly named polish, it’s Sparkle-icious! from their Burlesque (Holiday 2010) collection. I mean, does that sucker ever sparkle.

I really couldn’t wait to do my nails with it. I used three coats which is perfectly enough for everyday wear, but looking at the pictures, I can still see some bare spots, which definitely don’t show in real life.


I also tried to take an out-of-focus picture to better show of the bling. 🙂

Sparkle-icious is an amazingly dense mix of golden, turquoise and purple/pink glitter. The application while not the easiest I’ve faced, was surprisingly pleasant for me considering it is a glitter polish and I’m not used to the wide and chubby O.P.I brush.

I am still staring at my nails; the polish is almost blinding. I’m glad I decided to try out something from the Burlesques. It’s definitely not an everyday polish, but when you want to bedazzle, the Burlesques are the way to go!

What have you picked up from the collection?


O.P.I. polishes, including the Burlesque collection, are available at various online retailers such as nailetc.com, but I prefer to get mine from e-Bay seller strawberryfieldsforever029.

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