Alix Avien Glitterbomb

Alix Avien No. 110 is hereby known as Glitterbomb. It’s pieces of small silver glitter and large hexagonal holo glitter in a sheer base. And let me tell you, it really is as awesome as it sounds.

I have big plans for this polish. 🙂 But for the purposes of showing it to you, the day I got it, I layered it over Alessandro’s Scarlet Woman, a medium berry-red creme. All swatches show it at one coat.



And out of focus for the sparkle:

The application was easy. The formula was great, but I don’t really have experience with glitter this chunky. However, I found it easy to get the bigger pieces where I wanted them. Also, the flat bottle shapedallowed for good pickup of the bigger chunks which were stuck to the sides of the bottle.

If you have the opportunity, I’d definitely recommend trying this one out. 🙂



Alix Avien is a Turkish brand available here is Estonia in some Russian cosmetics shops. I gather you can also pick these babies up when vacationing in Turkey or the Arabic countries.

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