Lumene Soul Shaker

After the disturbing discovery that I had only one pink in my collection — Eyeko’s Punk — I really needed more. And what better polish to get than one called Soul Shaker from the Finnish brand Lumene. This from their Nail Styler series and comes in the same mini-bottle as Trouble Maker (which you can win by entering my giveaway).

Their finish is also similar, but Soul Shaker isn’t as multi-coloured. What it is, however, is a vibrant fuchsia foil. It’s like a sparkle party on my nails. 🙂 Unfortunately, the lack of sunshine outside didn’t let me capture the polish in all its glory.

This is two coats of the pink pretty.

Like I expected from Lumene, the polish had a small and stiff flat brush, which I actually really liked for application on all my nails except the pinky. The brush was simply too wide for that. 😛 The formula was nice; I used two coats of the polish to get the opacity I wanted.

One coat of China Glaze Fast Forward helped it to have slightly above average drying time.

To my surprise, I’m really liking these Lumene Nail Stylers, I just wish they came in a bigger bottle as $6 is pretty steep for a 0.14 fl.Oz bottle. 😦


Lumene is a Finnish drugstore brand available in most Scandinavian countries and Estonia.

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