Misa Toxic Seduction

After a day spent in shimmery foily pink, I felt like returning to my safe zone — greens. One the classics among greens is the gorgeous dark charcoal-y blue-green shimmer that is Misa’s Toxic Seduction. I love that polish! And I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last wore it.

And do you know what I especially love about Misas? Their caps! They are long and thin and so pleasant to hold while painting your nails.

I used one coat of Toxic Seduction on my short nails, but remember having needed to use two when my nails were longer.


It’s actually a bit more saturated in real life, so you can see it’s obviously a dark blue-green. 🙂

The application was lovely, and I wouldn’t expect any less from this polish.

I also love the fact that my nails are short enough that I can get away with one coat of polish on my former two-coaters. 😉




I buy my Misas at Beautyshop in Estonia, which doesn’t yet have the newer collections available. However, e-Bay is always a choice for a polish-aholic.

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