Color Club Gossip Column

I love the name of this polish. Who doesn’t like a little gossip once in a while.

I really felt like wearing a creme after my stints with various glitters, foils, flakies lately. I mean, they’re all gorgeous, but sometimes I want to feel peaceful when I look at my nails. And I want to have a pleasant nail polish removal experience. 😛

So I decided to put on Gossip Column from Color Club — a medium blue side teal creme, which was a solid two-coater.



Goldilocks would have been pleased with this polish; it gets everything just right — pigmentation, formula, brush.

Gossip Column is my first Color Club polish and if the rest of them are as good formula and pigmentation wise, I need more. A lot more!

I’m going browsing through Color Club swatches right now, because, as I said, I need more. 😀



I get my Color Club polishes from eBay seller beautyzone2007.


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