GOSH Purple Heart

I’ve been feeling weird about nail polish lately. The gorgeous Color Club teal I wore most recently left me all in love with the colour and then it went and chipped on me in 24hrs. Not cool. I so rarely wear the same polish for more than 1-2 days in a row that I have almost forgotten chipping problems even with the cheapest polishes I own.

Anyhow, so I was walking around all nail polish funk and couldn’t even find a single colour in my treasure drawers to make me feel better. And it seemed the stores had nothing new and interesting to offer either. It seemed like every colour that looked even remotely interesting I could find a dupe for in my stash.

GOSH saved me. 🙂 Namely, my first polish from this Danish cosmetics company — Purple Heart. It was love at first sight! I saw it in the store and knew it had to be mine. Purple Heart is a vampy muted dark dark dark violet shimmer with a green duochrome flash. Eeek. It’s lovely. The blogsphere is telling me it’s a near dupe of Zoya’s Ki, just a smidge darker and more opaque demanding only two thin coats to be perfect.

Unfortunately with the no sun, almost no natural light weather we’ve been having lately and probably will continue to have for the next five months, I couldn’t get a completely colour accurate picture.

You can still see some of the green duochrome, but the purple appears more brownish than it is in real life. It is definitely a red-toned purple, but more saturated and less brown than these pictures.

Ignore that. I managed to get a decent picture of the duochrome and the colours in natural light the next day before taking it off. 😀 See?

Of course, in some angles, when covered by the green duochrome, it will look brownish. 😉

The formula, application…. Perfect.

It’s a fascinating polish, and I’m enjoying having it on my nails. 🙂 But I’m going to take it off soon, because if it plans on chipping fast, I don’t want to know. Chipping is a love-killer for me.

Hope you’re all having a pleasant weekend!



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