GOSH Miss Sweety — The Search for the Perfect Nude

I have a nail polish mission — I need a polish in my stash that can give me mannequin hands, that is, as flesh-coloured as possible.

While normally I go for the more flashy or less traditional colours, I think it would be a really fun colour to own for various purposes.

I’d planned on ordering Eyeko’s Nude for my first try, but then it went and disappeared from the site together with another lemming — Tea Rose. Pretty sad when I discovered that. My quest to own all Eyeko nail polishes is over before it ever really took off….

Getting back to business, as my first encounter with GOSH was successful (btw, I updated that post with a new picture) I decided to give their Miss Sweety — a pale apricot creme — a go. I needed two thin coats for complete opacity.

The application was what you’d expect from a pastel — a little bit streaky on the first coat, but the second evened everything out nicely.

In artificial light it really does make me look like I have mannequin hands as it’s that close to my skintone.

But on the photos, in bright natural lamplight, I can see that something’s off. I can’t pinpoint exactly what, but maybe it’s slightly too dark and orange-y? For it to match my skintone I think it needs to be less saturated as well…

I don’t know, really, what’s off. Despite the ruddiness of my fingers, I have very neutral undertones, I’m just über-pale. Most “nude” nail polish colours I looked at in the store were way too pink, and now this “apricot” colour is confusing me too.

You know what? Even if it’s not perfect, I still like it, and it’ll definitely suffice until I find the perfect match. Which might or might not ever happen.



11 thoughts on “GOSH Miss Sweety — The Search for the Perfect Nude

    • Thanks! And I agree. 😉 Flesh-tones are so difficult to find, especially since everybody has slightly different undertones and overtones in their skin.

      BTW, can’t wait to see you start blogging again!

  1. i think it is definitely too orange-y and somehow too conspicuous for a perfect nude. but it still is a great apricot colour for summer, just that it misses the purpose 🙂

    i’m on a (neverending) quest for a perfect fleshtone myself and i’d suggest essie mucho dinero or avon’s perfect flesh for a perfect nude. these have worked for me best so far.

    • Total agreement here. 🙂 I actually can’t wait to see what it’ll look like come summer when I actually have some sort of a tan.

      I haven’t tried Avon polishes as it seems sort of a hassle to get them and I’m not so sure about the quality… but I like Essie polishes. Can’t find a decent picture of Mucho Dinero though. I’m gonna keep it in mind though for the next time I’m doing in person Essie shopping. 😉 Thanks!

      • Avon Nailwear polishes are really-really good, totally comparable to China Glaze or Essie polishes, only much cheaper! Their colour range is not very wide, but they add new and interesting colours in every few months. I have Peppermint Leaf, a lovely mint green on my toes right now and it is totally adorable.

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