Colour Changers — What Do You Like?

There are the “regular” polishes — cremes, shimmers, glitters — and then there are polishes that in one way or another display different colours on your nails.

I think these we can group into two categories:

  1. Colour changers — polishes that change colours in different angles often showing two or more colours at once. I’d put holos, duo- and multichromes, opalescent flakies into this category.
  2. Polishes like Claire’s mood polishes where the colour is affected by hot and cold, and magnetic polishes where you can create patterns with magnets.

Am I missing anything?

Now, I usually prefer regular old one-colours, but sometimes it’s fun to have something more effective on your nails. So I was thinking about the first category — colour changers — and what I like best.

When I first learned of holographic polishes, I went insane with lemmings. And I was over the moon, when I got my hands on my very first holo, China Glaze’s 2nite (pictured above) and it is to this day my favourite out of the holos I own. Quite a few. But for some reason,  holos really don’t do the trick for me. I can walk by all the Nfu-Oh holos without any lemmings stirring and just a few days ago I felt nothing for GOSH’s Holographic which was offered to be 70% off.

What I love about holos though, is their drying time. They’re perfect when I want an über-quick manciure yet something more flashy than a matte polish. 😀

Duochromes are more interesting, I think. I have to say, these spark my interest more than holos. But actually good duochromes are hard to find. I have several polishes in my stash that are supposed to be duochromes, but I can only spot the effect on my nails when I spent minutes looking at them in different angles. I think the duochrome sthat hasve made me go WOW the most are Orly’s Space Cadet (terribly original of me, I know ;)) and SpaRitual’s It’s Raining Men.

However, my favourite colour changers have to be flakies. I love how versatile they are. You can wear them on their own (some of them anyway), layer them on top of various polishes, on top of each other… They always show at least two colour on the nail at once which instantly makes them those notoriously hard to find good duochromes in  my book. And when you layer them… of man, you can literally have a colour party on your nails. My favourite? Nfu-Oh No 52. Not the most colour changing flakie I own, but my favourite nonetheless.


So. Which category is your favourite or do you prefer just one colour on your nails at once? And what are your favourite colour changing polishes? Anything I really need? 😉


p.s. And be on the lookout for my colour-changing nails for tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Colour Changers — What Do You Like?

  1. I think I prefer simple cremes above all 🙂 They’re just so perfect and nice and easy to wear.

    I would love to expand my collection with some great holographics and glitters, just for a change. Who knows, might fall in love with them…

    Where did you spot this GOSH’s offer? Holographic has been in my wish list for a while. 70 % off sounds good.

    Mood polishes scream “teens” and “80’s disco music” and “cheap stuff” to me, will definitely pass those. Magnetic polishes are intriguing. Shall make a mental note to find out more about those.

    • Cremes are definitely the best. They’re just perfect for every occasion. 🙂 If you’re looking for glitters, I saw that OPI Burlesques have arrived in Estonia. They were in Tallinna Kaubamaja last week.

      The GOSH was offered to me by a work friend who discovered she didn’t like it as much as she’d thought. 😦 Buuut, I think she already picked it up cheaper than regular from Kaubamaja so that’s worth checking out.:D

      • Thanks for the tips! I shall hotfoot to Kaubamaja first thing tomorrow 😛

        OPI Burlesque swatches haven’t impressed me much so far, but maybe they look better in real life. Hmm, thinking again, one or two were quite interesting…anyway, it’s worth checking out.

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