Orly Space Cadet

Is there really a more famous multichrome polish at the moment than Orly’s Space Cadet?

I don’t know. But I do know that this polish is already legendary for a reason. It’s absolutely fascinating, you try to figure out how many colours you can see on your nails at once and you can’t. At most times I can spot the turquoise base and the golden green and rose shimmer. 🙂

And generally, I think it’s a crime that it’s been two months since I last wore this foily beauty.

The last time  wore this polish I used two thick coats and thought it was enough, but in sunlight I could see some bald spots, so this time I went with three thin coats.

I think three coats was totally enough. The formula was on the thin side, so a bit runny, but nothing really bad. I just made sure to use very thin coats and not get too much polish on the brush at once.

What I love about this polish is that it’s a perfectly medium-coloured duochrome, it’s not pale and sheer and not really dark either. It’s just a lovely fall colour.

It’s incredibly sparkly in sunlight, but unfortunately I’m dealing with a now sun situation for a few months right now. 😦

This, and It’s Not Rocket Science are my favourites out of the Orly Cosmics. 🙂




In Estonia, you can pick up the Cosmics and other Orly polishes at Stockmann. Internationally, I’d try various etailers like nailetc or eBay.


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