China Glaze Ingrid

You all know this polish, right? When China Glaze’s fall collection — Vintage Vixen — came out, Ingrid quickly became the must have polish of the season. Or the collection, at least.

Well, I made up my mind to order Bogie and Ingrid even before I saw the swatches for the names alone. I mean, Bogie and Ingrid? I needed those polishes in my life. And when the swatches started coming out, I got really excited waiting for my Ingrid package. I built it up in my mind to something impossibly pretty — this light perfectly balanced taupe with barely there shimmer. Elegance in a bottle.

When the bottle came I was slightly disappointed. I’d expected something along the lines of MAC’s Earthly Harmony and got Ingrid, which is a medium brown side taupe with noticeable gold micro-glitter. Well, my very first thought was that it was just a shiny brown. 😛

It’s not. I quickly learned to love the polish. It is elegant and understated, but a little bit mischievous too with its golden sparkle. It quickly became one of my favourite polishes for the autumn, and I’m really pleased to have it on my nails again. 🙂

I used two coats of the polish for perfect opacity and a coat of Seche Vite on top for that high gloss finish that allows the micro-glitter to really show itself.

I really like how the muted greyish-brown of the base contrasts with the vivid golden micro-glitter.  The sparkle is present (if not very noticeable) even in low light, but never over the top.

This makes the polish absolutely perfect in my opinion. For a taupe lover, it’s a must. 😀



I get my China Glaze polishes from eBay seller beautyzone2007.

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