Accent Nails

I guess nail people fall into two categories — those who love accent nails, and those who don’t. Well, I like them. I find them a good way to wear things that I otherwise would consider over the top. (Not that that has stopped me wearing some pretty flashy nails.) Do you like accent nails or not?

I’m fairly ill and home from work and this means I’m on my third day of wearing the same polish. 😮 I’ve gone through my backlog of nail photos and am still wearing the beautiful Ingrid. Btw, third day and it doesn’t even have tip wear! 😀

I don’t have the strength to remove and apply nail polish yet, so instead, to have something  even remotely different on my nails, I decided to use the “tape method” to add diagonal stripes to my ring fingers. I used China Glaze’s Midnight Kiss — the blonde/gold foil from their Holiday 2010 collecti0n for this. Check it out:

I really like how the golden sparkle of Midnight Kiss complements the golden micro-glitter in Ingrid. But I do think this manicure would be too much for me to wear on all my nails.

Then again, never say never! 😉

And have a look at who always cheers me up when I’m ill. She always likes to use me for a mattress when I’m down and out, must have something to do with fever and body heat…

Precious, isn’t she? 🙂


I get my China Glaze polishes from eBay seller beautyzone2007.


6 thoughts on “Accent Nails

  1. Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL, like the nails too. I think that gold ribbon over red or green would be fab for a holiday party.

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