SpaRitual Yes, I Can!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I love green nail polish. In fact, when I bought my first bottle of nail polish as a pre-teen, it was cheap-o sparkly dark green. (No, I don’t have it anymore. Yes, it chipped in hours. :P)

As I love sparkly and creme alike, I have plenty of both. And this time I’m showing you a polish from SpaRitual’s Spring 2010 collection — Yes, I Can!, which is a super enthusiastic grass green creme. Actually, in the bottle it looks like such a typical spring/summer colour that you’d think why do I prefer to wear it in autumn… or winter for that matter.

Well, it dries darker on the nail. It really only looks as light as in the bottle in direct sunlight (which we don’t get in autumn). In overcast weather and artificial light it looks several shades darker and just a gorgeous two-coats and done green.

As you can see, it dries into a very glossy finish. ❤ Application was OK, nothing terribly awful, nothing fantastic either. I would  actually expect better from a polish with as high a retail price as SpaRitual. Then again, the bottle is lovely (gotta love the rubberised caps!) and so is the polish colour. They’re also vegan and 3-free. 🙂

I’m too lazy to hardly ever clean up my nails (except rubbing off the polish that gets on skin when washing my hands), so most of my nail pictures should actually always give you some idea about how the polish applies and how easy it was to control.

Horrible of me, I know… But I’m a careful polish applier, so in real life they actually look pretty good. 😉


p.s. Stay tuned for my first Christmas manicure! 😉


In Estonia, I buy my SpaRitual polishes from Thaya. Internationally, I believe you can try eBay or go to their homepage and try the store locator.

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