Wild and Crazy Gulf of California (Layering)

I’m going to say it again — I love green polish. And blue. And purple. They are my holy trinity of polish colours. So once upon a time when shopping at the local supermarket (picking up shampoo, no less) I saw a stand of what promised “cheap US made cosmetics” and the stand — Wild and Crazy — included several rows of nail polishes. Man, did the bottles ever look cheap. (Some research tells me they retail for $0.99 in the States.) But, I’ve had a pleasant experience with Wild and Crazy before, so I browsed a little.

Most of the colours were the typical aimed at teens in your face glitters. But imagine the glee and the squee when I spotted a bottle of what appeared to me a jade green with light blue and lilac flash or possible duochrome. That little beauty was aptly named Gulf of California.

I took the bottle home and to my horror discovered it was sheer! So sheer that five coats of it still looked like one coat of most polishes. 😦 So I set it aside for layering experiments later on. Today, I’m showing it to you layered (one coat) over SpaRitual’s Yes, I Can! which is a bright neutral green creme.

Do you see what I see? It’s absolutely fantastic! The sheer jade base alters the neutral green of Yes, I Can! so it becomes a medium blueish green. On top of it, you can see tons of light blue shimmer that just comes to life in light (artificial or not) leaving the edges of the nails where the light doesn’t hit several shades darker and greener.

It’s so beautiful and pretty much duochrome-y in real life.

Another interesting thing about this combo is that in regular low indoor light the nails will appear a light indigo or a medium blue-based purple.

Application and drying time are both OK. But I always use a good top coat with as cheap a polish. 😉

Fascinating. For the price, and if you love layering, go and get it, girls!


In Estonia, I’ve seen smaller and more expensive Wild and Crazy stands at Seppäla, but you can get it twice cheaper at Rimi and Prisma supermarkets. In the States, I’m told, you can try your local dollar stores. 🙂

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