Sinful San Fransisco

After my little experiment with sponging I wanted something quick and simple. So I went for another untried — Sinful’s San Fransisco, which is a medium green shimmer. Very rich, very beautiful.

I like that it’s more of a middle ground green than the other green shimmers in my collection, which are all more blue-toned.

It took me three coats two reach the opacity I wanted. My nails are getting longer and it is taking me more coats of polish nowadays to have no VNL.


As you can see from the messy cuticles, the application wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. 😦

It took some getting used to the chubby brush (not one of my favourites) and the thin, yet goopy formula.

At three coats I thought this would never dry, but Seche Vite has risen to the challenge again. 🙂 Despite looking very thick, my nails dried in a reasonable amount of time. And the polish colour itself is absolutely beautiful!

So, well worth the trouble.

After it had surface dried and I was taking pictures, I discovered a couple of bald spots still, despite the three coats, so I added some 3d Viva La Nails stickers to conceal them. 😛

I must say, I’m not a fan of the raised stickers. 😦 Especially not on a shimmery polish… I need to give them another chance on a creme, I think, to make my mind up about them.

Overall, beautiful polish, but not one of my favourite manicures. If it weren’t so late, I think I’d change it. But it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.



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