The Snow Storm Edition Mani

We had a snow storm called Monika hit us yesterday. Let me tell you, being outside during a snowstorm…. not a pleasant experience.

So, in honor of the icy, snowy, windy and freezing and just generally winter-extreme weather I wanted something reminiscent of ice crystals on my tips. 🙂

To get that, I layered China Glaze’s Snow Globe over my previous manicure of pastel blue. I absolutely adore Snow Globe, I think it definitely tops China Glaze’s this holiday glitter offerings. But that’s just my opinion. 😉

I really like how it’ll appear silvery when light hits the glitter pieces and beautifully pale and multicoloured in more even lighting. I used one coat over Eyeko’s Pastel Polish

… and while I’ve tried glitter top coats over pastels before, I definitely think that Snow Globe is just about perfect for pastels with it’s pastel-like glitter.

The application and formula — excellent.

I’ve been rocking this mani for more than two days now, so that should tell you exactly how much I’m enjoying it .;)

Gonna change it tonight though!



I get my China Glaze polishes from eBay seller beautyzone2007 or from BeautyPro in Tallinn.


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