No, really, that’s what I think Eyeko’s Saucy Polish for Naughty Nails should be called.

…because it’s awesome!

This polish wasn’t one of my priorities when ordering from Eyeko, because, as you know, not a great fan of reds here. But I am so glad I finally did get it!

Saucy, like the name implies, is the colour of tomato sauce and just as hot and spicy.

What it also has is an amazing formula. It’s a super opaque one-coater creme, and it’s also thin instead of slightly on the thick side which is the case with most one-coater cremes.

The polish seriously applied like a dream. Just three quick strokes on each nail, no clean-up whatsoever and you get the results pictured here.

Also, as it took only one thin coat of polish, with Seche Vite on top it dried in minutes. I was able to have a bath 15 minutes after applying this polish and no dents or anything. 🙂

Love it!


p.s. As you’ll notice I’ve opted out of a close-up this time. My skin has gotten so dry with the winter that nothing seems to help and it’s flaking all round my nails. Not exactly something I’d want to take a close-up of.

p.p.s. Now, if Eyeko would only hurry up and get out some new colours! 😀


You can pick up Eyeko polishes at with free shipping in Europe.


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