China Glaze Gelatto

When I was browsing China Glaze polishes a week ago or so, I was looking for something as close as I could get to Eyeko’s Tea Rose (a lemming that never got satisfied). So basically, I was looking for a tea rose creme.

The closest I could get was China Glaze’s Gelatto, which I’d say is a light tea rose pink creme. 🙂 It’s a really pretty understated and elegant neutral pink polish. Definitely a “work safe” colour. If I cared about that. 😛

From swatches I’ve seen online I’d say it’s probably a bit lighter than the Eyeko polish…

I needed two coats for perfect opacity.

Application was great, as usually with China Glaze polishes. 🙂 I only had a moment of surprise when I applied it late at night — it looked like a nude on my nails! Check out the smaller picture. This is what it looks like in artificial lighting.

I only saw the colour I’d picked up in the store next morning, when the sun came up. 😀

NB! The first nail shot is definitely the most colour accurate — the bottle pic is too washed out and the smaller hand pic is way too warm.

I wore it for a full day on its own, and then tried to make it even cuter by adding some stamps on it. I used Konad plate m73 and one of my Bundle Monster plates and stamped two different flower patterns on using Nubar’s Stronghold. I smudged up my stamping (still practicing that) but I really like the overall effect. Light pink and grey look really good together imo. 🙂

I didn’t plan on taking this manicure off yet, but just today when I got home I managed to break my right thumb nail when trying to open the door. 😦 Pretty bad too. Like half my nail’s topmost layer is gone and it’s hurting. 😦 I can’t imagine putting polish or anything on top of that. What do I do?? I can’t not wear polish until it grows out.


I picked up this particular China Glaze at BeautyPro.


4 thoughts on “China Glaze Gelatto

  1. Ouch! That sounds awful. I’ve had really good luck with cracks and peelies (although this sounds way worse than those) with nail-aid clear liquid bandage. Don’t know if nail-aid ships international but there’s always ways around that.

    • It was pretty scary. :/ Thankfully, I managed to do kind of a repair job with some stuff I found at a local pharmacy. 🙂 It doesn’t look all that good, and it’s super-short, but at least not icky anymore. 😛

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