First Mani of the Year!

Would you believe it that I only mustered up the courage today to remove my New Years mani? I really disklike glitter removal.

So after that was done, I had to deal with the difficult choice of the first polish on my nails in 2011. I decided to go with another one of my Alix Avien untrieds. No 182 is a dark brown shimmer. In the store I thought it was a foil and that’s why I picked it up. It’s not. No 182 is still a shimmer polish, but it’s the kind of glass-flecky shimmer found in China Glaze’s Watermelon Rind. Actually, I’d call it sparkle rather than shimmer.

I needed two coats for perfect coverage.

It’s one of those polishes upon wearing which I immediately kicked myself for not putting it on sooner. Absolutely stunning. 🙂

Basically it’s cool dark chocolate brown base just chock full of sparkle that changes from silver to golden to reddish in different lights. Great application and quick dry-time too.

I think it might be my favourite Alix Avien after No 187 (Starry Starry) now.

The only downside is that my topcoat had turned to glue in the three days I didn’t use it. 😦 It almost ruined my manicure adding uneven lumps to it as you can probably see from the last picture.


p.s. Is anybody else super excited about Zoya’s spring collection?

Alix Avien is a Turkish brand available here is Estonia in some Russian cosmetics shops. I gather you can also pick these babies up when vacationing in Turkey or the Arabic countries.

5 thoughts on “First Mani of the Year!

  1. Jules, Dove & Caitlin look really nice – not your typical pastel-y colors for spring. Loving the color you just put on – very rich looking! It seems hard to find cooler browns. They usually lean warm/red.
    Completely off topic – I was looking at posts last night on your blog. My youngest son really likes the ‘snowflakes’ you currently have!

    • I totally agree! I definitely feel like I need Dove and Gemma from this collection. And possibly Dannii and Jules. 😉

      Thanks! 🙂 This brown totally surprised me by how pretty it is. And I think the “snowflakes” are the default for wordpress blogs from Dec-Jan. I don’t know how to turn it off! Thankfully I like it as well.

  2. Oh my, that brown is downright edible. I never used to like browns and then CND’s Cuppa Joe sucked me right in.

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