Blind Ya!

Let’s have a look at some serious bling here. I have less than a week before I need to be back to work so it’s about time to wear some polishes that I just can’t at work.

Well… Nobody’s gonna tell me not to wear über-bling to work, but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable blinding all the poor unsuspecting people with my nails. 😉

So, today I’m wearing one of my Alix Aviens again — No 189, which is the silver sibling to the cool pink holo you can win in my giveaway (just check the sidebar!).

I’ve shown it here before actually, but as a layering polish that can add a holo effect to any other nail polish. I needed three coats to get it opaque on its own.

The three coats were super easy. The application of this silver holo is a breeze and the drying time is insanely fast. I used no base or top coat and a couple of minutes after finishing the final coat on the last nail I was already good to go.

There’s really not much I like better about a polish than fast dry-time! 🙂

I think I still have about four or five to go to show off all my Alix Aviens, but I’m on a steady mission to do so. 😉



Alix Avien is a Turkish brand available here is Estonia in some Russian cosmetics shops. I gather you can also pick these babies up when vacationing in Turkey or the Arabic countries.

7 thoughts on “Blind Ya!

  1. That is a lovely sparkly polish – with the multi colored sparkles it would be fun to layer over a variety of base colors! Got to love a fast dry time!

  2. Väga ilus! 🙂 Kust kohast sa täpselt selle küünelaki said? Meeldis väga ka see sinine hõbedaste tükkidega, thaks ka endale osta mõned Alix Aviensid 🙂

    • Aitähh! 🙂 Aliex Avieni müüakse minu teada Eestis vaid “L Cosmetics” kauplustes. Mina olen enda omad saanud Tallinnas Väike-Õismäe omas ja Lasnamäe postkontori kõrval olevas. Kindlasti on selle keti poode rohkem ka.

      Ma tean, et mu blogi kommenteerijatest on Eva neid kuskilt kätte saanud, nii et äkki oskab tema ka veel mõnda kohta soovitada. 🙂

  3. Mina leidsin AA Keskturu vastast Tartu maanteelt. Maximaga ühes majas on väike vene kosmeetika pood. Seal oli saada ehk 30-40 erinevat tooni ja kui mina detsembri algul käisin, siis pakuti neid allahindlusega!

    Googeldamine andis teada, et L Cosmetics kauplused on veel näiteks Maardus, Sillamäel, Narvas, Jõhvis ja Kohtla-Järvel 🙂

    • Näedsa, seda poodi ma ei teadnudki. 🙂 Pean võibolla varsti ise sinna minema, et veel pudelike 187 tagavaraks osta, sest Õismäelt on see otsas. (Ostsin sealt kõik kolm ära :P)

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