Tipped in Glitter

I started playing around with my mani. Procrastinating from some lengthy and evil essays I need to write. Just couldn’t leave it alone.  😉

So, I started with Alix Avien No 168, a medium slightly on the red side purple creme.

Definitely pretty on its own with it jellylike appearance. 🙂 Now, I wanted to compare it with another medium purple creme I own — China Glaze’s Grape Pop.

But instead of doing a regular comparison, I decided to make it into a tape mani. So, here’s one coat of Grape Pop diagonally on my tips.

As you can see, these polishes are actually quite different. Grape Pop is ever so slightly darker and more blue-toned.

It’s also more pigmented and I consider it a one-coater. No 168 is more interesting in how it’s sorta jelly-like and needs to be built up.

I’m pretty happy to own both polishes.

And then I decided to add some glitter to  make it more interesting. I went with Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Rockstar Pink — dense magenta, turquoise and silver glitter — on my tips. I needed two coats.

I ended up with 8 coats of polish (counting the layers of top coat inbetween) on my tips, two of which are glitter layers. I dread the removal. But I love the mani! ♥



4 thoughts on “Tipped in Glitter

  1. The side French manicure is one of the first nail art designs I learnt cos it’s relatively easy and spices up the manicure instantly. Pretty colour combinations there!

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