Poppy? Coral?

I’m battling traditional winter colours today and wearing the brightest, most summery one of my Alix Aviens.

First of all, No 156 is a true jelly, nothing inbetween about it. It took me three thin coats to (mostly) get rid of visible nail line. Could have done four to stop it from showing in bright light.

But this is because I strongly dislike my nail line showing, not because of any other issues. Already at the first coat it was perfectly even and streak-free; looked just like I’d taped coloured glass over my nails. Strong and vivid colour, just completely see-through. So, the formula is really great, as the three coats went quicker and easier than one coat with some polishes. 😉

I think I need to wear this at one-two coats over an opaque nude base coat to make it look perfect.

Now, a word about the colour… I’ve no idea what it is! In the bottle it looks like a mix of red, pink and orange.

On the nail, the orange-red wins, but there’s just a hint of pink that keeps it from clashing with my skin-tone. (Orange-reds are usually a big no-no for me.)

It’s also very difficult to photograph in this dreary winter light. The first picture is more accurate shade-wise, but doesn’t show the brightness correctly; but even the second, artificial light picture (which shows it too orange) doesn’t capture accurately just how bright this polish is. It’s not totally neon, but it’s definitely in-your-face-saturated.

Probably gonna look even better with a tan!

Just two more AAs to go!


Alix Avien is a Turkish brand available here is Estonia in some Russian cosmetics shops. I gather you can also pick these babies up when vacationing in Turkey or the Arabic countries.

5 thoughts on “Poppy? Coral?

  1. Wow! Another great polish from AA! Corals and bright orange reds are my huge favourites. Which store did you get it from?

    You really are making AA popular. I bet the ladies in the small russian cosmetic shops are wondering about the suddenn rush for AA 🙂

    I am impatiently waiting for the last reviews already.

    • Thanks! 😀 I think this one sales lady is already looking at me weird for buying up all the AAs. XD

      This one I got from Õismäe. Actually it was a really difficult choice because there three nearly identical jellies (different numbers) and I couldn’t tell the difference when looking at them separately. Only side by side I could tell that one was a bit more red, one was a bit more orange, one was a bit more pink. This one was the “a bit more orange”.

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