Look at the Night Sky

I think I’ve said it before: I’m a science fiction nerd. Proud of it. πŸ™‚ That’s one of the reasons probably that I’m very attracted to polishes that try to mimic the night sky and space. What I’ve been able to get my hands on I’ve gotten.

And today I’m showing the five I own to you.

Eyeko Cosmic, China Glaze Cosmic, China Glaze Meteor Shower, Alix Avien No 187, Wet’n’Wild Midnight

Now, I bet these look pretty similar in the bottle shot the difference mainly being in the base colour. Actually, there are some major differences in application, how they look on the nail, what you need to do to make them look good.

Have a look at these on my nails (in the same order, starting from the thumb ending with the pinky).

From the two blacks I absolutely prefer Eyeko Cosmic, which contains tons of pieces of small holo glitter in a black creme base. It’s opaque in two coats and needs only a thin layer of top coat.

China Glaze’s Cosmic is big and chunky silver glitter in a black creme base. Two-three coats are needed, and at least two thick layers of top coat to allow the silver to shine. Otherwise it looks like a bumpy mess. 😦 If lucky, the silver sometimes reflects other colours as well.

China Glaze’s Meteor Shower is gorgeous! And a looooot of work to get it to look like that. The polish is a thick mess to apply with it’s dark blue creme base (darkest of the blues shown here) filled with chunky pieces of multicoloured glitter. It also needs at least two thick layers of top coat to look anything like what you see in the bottle. Otherwise it’s bumpy and unappealing and doesn’t even sparkle. I don’t even want to talk about the removal of these two China Glazes. *gringes*

Alix Avien’s No 187 is my overall favourite. The dark blue jelly base filled with small silver glitter makes it special and least in need of a top coat. I’m actually not wearing any in this picture (compared to two layers on the China Glaze blue and black). You’d still need to add one thin layer to make it look its best. It’s also the most reminiscent of the actual night sky. Two coats to apply; removal is easy.

Wet’n’Wild’s Midnight is a blurple shimmery base with tons of smallish holo glitter. Very similar to the Eyeko in that. However it has the lightest base colour with a strong purple tint to the blue. It’s also the sheerest needing at least three coats of the polish. It’s a really pretty polish, but nothing like what the name implies.

So there you have it. πŸ™‚

Do you own any of these? Which do you like the best? Any other space-midnight polishes I should check out?



13 thoughts on “Look at the Night Sky

  1. I’ve got Cosmic and AA 187 and I plan to get Meteor Shower someday. I don’t want (or need :P) the others.

    I’m sorry you think so badly of Cosmic. I like it quite a lot and had no bumpiness problem. It could have more glitter, though.

  2. I’ve got ChG’s Atlantis and Carnival Lights from that glitter collection and yeah, they are a beeyotch to get off. The only thing I use straight acetone on because I’m afraid too much rubbing will scratch the heck out of my nails. The AA 187 is definitely my favorite. Do you have ChG’s Fairy Dust or Golden Enchantment (which looks gold in the bottle but not really over cool colors)? I like to layer them over dark blues and almost blacks to mimic the night sky. Some of them look awesome. I really like FD over W&W’s Blue Moon and Essie’s Midnight Cami.

    • I wish I could find straight acetone here. Not all stores even sell remover with acetone, so yeah.

      Nope, don’t have any of these colours, I’ve contemplated getting Fairy Dust (and Blue Moon for that matter) but haven’t been able to justify them to myself. πŸ˜‰

  3. I believe Wild and Crazy Colours Indian Chief is a good alternative to CG Fairy Dust. It is a very sparkly holographc polish with see-though base.

    You can get straight acetone from DIY stores. Still, I would go for the soaking with folium method using regular remover. Should be gentler on your nails, no?

    BTW, which remover(s) do you use/prefer? Maybe you could do a separate post on it?

    • Hmm… I think I need to stop by a Rimi or something like that again soon. πŸ˜‰

      And I’m not really picky about removers… I found what worked and what didn’t. There’s one acetone-free remover (must look up the name) that was pure horror though. It left a powdery white substance on my nails and cuticles I couldn’t get rid of with soap and water… Yuck. My current acetone-free favourite is the Depend one — Quick&…something. πŸ˜› There’s also a cheap acetone remover l like from the L Cosmetics stores.

  4. I’ll look for a Blue Moon next time I’m out and put it away for you. They are only a buck. It won’t break me. lol

    • Thanks, but no need to! Some Wet’n’Wild stands actually appeared in Estonia over the holidays and I’ve seen Blue Moon in them at least. πŸ™‚ I am, however, keeping an eye on SH spring releases… and some other stuff. πŸ˜‰ Really in the mood for cremes lately.

      • Oops. Saw one at Walgreen today for 49 cents! So I grabbed that puppy. I’ll put it in my back up box because I really love the color.

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