Models Own Beth’s Blue

Today, I’m showing you the second of my two Models Own polishes.

After resent manicures with either dark or bright (or both) colours I was in the mood for a relaxing pastel again.

I chose Models Own Beth’s Blue, which is a light blue pastel creme with a lilac tint. A periwinkle, if you will.

First of all, what I love about this polish is the colour — very pretty! — and the fact that it’s a one coat pastel. I mean, I don’t know of many one coat pastels, do you?

You probably already realised what I don’t like about this polish as well. Just look at my cuticles!

I haven’t gotten careless or sloppy in my application; it’s just that the formula of this polish was very difficult to control.

Beth’s Blue manages to be goopy and runny at the same time. The thickness probably is what makes it such a one coat wonder pastel, but it also means that application needs a lot of patience. And I still couldn’t help it getting all over my cuticles. 😦

I think thinning it would take care of the issue, but this polish has toluene as one of the first ingredients so regular thinner is just going to make it into the same yuck-fest as Seche Vite becomes when you try to thin it with regular thinner.

On the plus side, this will work great with Konad! And overall, I really like this polish, just such a flattering shade of blue! ♥


Models Own polishes can be bought at 🙂

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