Oceanic Tips

So, just the other day I was passing  a sale on cheap-o polish at Kaubamaja and saw this little beauty in a box full of polishes. It contained polishes from a Spanish company I’d never heard of before — Gio de Giovanni. Most of them were pretty basic looking sheerish pearly shimmers in pale shades, but a couple looked quite interesting! 🙂

Today, I put on No 99, which is a medium greenish blue or blueish green packed with silver foily particles. So shiny! And such a pretty colour, reminds me of the ocean when you really can’t tell if the colour is blue or if it’s green.

I needed two coats to have it look perfect. 🙂 The formula was a bit thick, but very easy to control.

Even if it weren’t as cheap as it was, it’d still be a cool looking polish. 🙂

And if you’re thinking it looks a bit like Orly’s Halley’s Comet (Zoya’s Charla, OPI’s CMIYN) you’d be right. They’re not very similar as the Gio has silvery foil particles which makes it look cooler and more wintery, but close enough that I did a comparison for you, which I’ll post later today as soon as I’ve transferred the photos to my computer.



4 thoughts on “Oceanic Tips

    • Plus, it’s been holding up ok,! And you’re right, the bottles are nearly identical. 😛 Held them up side-by-side in the store for curiosity’s sake.

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