Anchors Away Swatches

Attention Estonian ladies! China Glaze’s spring collection Anchors Away is now available at BeautyPro in Tallinn! 😀 😀 They’re €3.50 a pop and if you buy at least 5 China Glaze polishes you get 10% off. Just FYI. 😉

I was totally minding my own business walking into BeautyPro today looking to see if I could score any more polishes from the Romantiques (I randomly found Cherish in a little bowl some time ago) and there weren’t any more left… I did find Metallic Muse from the Khrome collection though! 🙂 Again in one of those little baskets of last items, so all’s well.

So, once finished scavenging, I look around and what do I see? There’s a sign for Anchors Away on an empty shelf. So, naturally, I walk on over to the sales assistant and ask her when abouts we could expect this collection. And then she says, “We actually just got it. It’s in the back room.” So I very politely ask her if I could have a look. And she puts it on the shelf!

From the moment swatches appeared, I wanted three polishes from this collection — Below Deck, Sea Spray and Pelican Gray.

I only ended up getting Pelican Gray out of these, because Below Deck is dupish for Ciate’s Fade to Greige (own it) and Sea Spray to Eyeko’s Rain (own it).

However, I totally unexpectedly fell in love with White Cap and Hey Sailor! So here are some quick and dirty swatches:

Hey Sailor is what I never thought I’d pick up. However, it so vibrant and gorgeous and cheerful in real life I just could not say no! A super bright (almost neon) red creme. Two coats, great application.

White Cap. Again something I thought I wouldn’t like because I really really can’t stand sheer polishes. This is three thick coats and still VNL. And you know what? I – don’t – care. It’s superb. The white to light gold glassfleck shimmer in it… To die for. I don’t even mind wearing it on its own with my nail line showing, but I can just bet this will look awesome layered over just about everything.

Pelican Gray is everything I expected. It’s an amazing light gray creme with just super pretty hidden shimmer in it that just makes it come alive. It’s two coats of great application. And totally my favourite! 🙂 ♥


One of these days I might go and get Sea Spray too… I mean my bottle of Rain is running low…. 😛



6 thoughts on “Anchors Away Swatches

  1. WOW is all i’ve got to say! That was fast on their part! I definitely want to pick some up, so thanks for the heads up 🙂 I’ve actually been meaning to stop by Beauty Pro, but now I actually have a reason for it haha! I hope the one in Pärnu has them too.

      • Naaah, the Pärnu Beauty Pro didn’t have that collection 😦 They don’t even have Seche Vite which I’m pretty bummed about since I’m running out of my current top coat and I’d like to try Seche Vite out.. Oh well. I only got a nail file and Essie’s Tomboy No More today.

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