Swedish Haul!

You’d think in a city with that many stores, I could find more polish… But really, I concentrated solely on polishes I cannot get here. And I’m totally not used to the small size of Swedish (and European) polishes combined with  their price tag.  They’re freakin’ tiny! Really pretty though! 🙂

Here’s what I got:

From left to right: Mavala Green Bronze, Mavala Smoky Blue, Depend White Crackle, Depend Red Crackle, Depend No 210, Depend No 041, Depend No 209, Snowcrystal No 446, H&M No Mambo Jambo, H&M Moody Model, H&M Blue My Mind

Obviously, still fond of mostly blue and green. 🙂


p.s. And my mani held up absolutely perfectly!


4 thoughts on “Swedish Haul!

  1. Haha, I live in Stockholm, so I know what you mean… Pretty much everything cosmetic is expensive here (well, to my mind, everything’s expensive here :P), especially compared to the U.S. (feels like everything cheaper there!) – a bottle of OPI polish is €15, Orly’s €16,50, and China Glaze is €10 (omg, so cheap! Ehm…). I jumped for joy when I discovered TransDesign! 😛 But H&M and Depend are cheap, though, both because the bottles are so small, but the actual price per ml is less than the expensive brands…. Go internet! 😀

  2. Great haul! I wonder why they don’t sell Mavala in Estonia any more??? It ia available in Finland and Sweden, why not Estonia?

    You get China Glaze at 3.50 from the wholeseller BeautPro only. Everyone is not so lucky 🙂 At Kaubamaja, it is like 6 euros or more.

    I have wondered about it for a long time already. I buy some polish from eBay, get it shipped to another side of the globe, and it is still 3 times or more cheaper than buying it locally :S Where’s the eco-savvy in that?

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