I’m starting out my rainbow week with the oldest polish I own. Manhattan is a German brand that was my go-to when I was in high school. Mostly because they we’re among the cheapest around (disregarding really cheap polishes). I broke up with the brand because I got really disappointed with their staying power. Considering that I didn’t wear base or top coat then… maybe I should give Manhattan another chance; they have some really pretty shades out.

No 74 is a polish I’ve had for at least 7-8 years. I never wore polish often before I started collecting this summer, but when I did wear polish in high school, this red was my favourite. That’s why, when I threw out my high school polishes years ago, I kept this blood red creme. 🙂

Two coats to opacity, lovely formula even after sitting on a shelf for seven years. 😛 The brush, however, was horrific — bushy and with very uneven hairs.

Any older polishes you’ve kept for nostalgia?


Next up: ORANGE


4 thoughts on “RED

  1. I keep a bottle of OPI Black Tie Optional around because I got a pedicure with it when I was on a wonderful trip to Vietnam! Also because it was discontinued and I bought it off eBay for ~$18USD!!

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