Yellow has got to be the most difficult colour to wear for me. It’s even more complicated by the fact that yellow (well, ocher, really) is just about my favourite colour in the word, and yet I’ve been unable to find a yellow polish I could pull off.

Depend’s No 210 from their current winter collection (a yellow polish in a winter collection, seriously?) does a decent job of not making me look like a red Martian. In fact, it is a really pretty pastel yellow with silvery shimmer running throughout.

In the bottle, I’m absolutely in love with this polish. On my nails… Just tell me, is there a pale-Caucasian-safe yellow polish out there somewhere?

As with several other pastels I’ve met, this was streaky. Three coats pictured here and it’s still streaky. Boo.

I’m gonna need to try this as base for stamping or layered over something because I still really like this polish and I’m determined to make it work for me. 🙂

I felt so summery out today in the freezing snow with my sunny nails. 😉


Next up: GREEN


16 thoughts on “YELLOW

  1. I have a really hard time with yellows but this one actually looks pretty, I think the shimmer makes it work. All the yellows I tried have been horrible, I stay away from them

  2. I think this yellow looks great on you too.

    OPI’s Fiercely Fiona from the Shrek Forever After collection is an interesting yellow/green. OPI calls it “an empowered green”, but it is more of a muted, ever-so-slightly-greenish pale yellow creme; not fluorescent at all . It is unusual enough to attract attention and looks very nice with my pale caucasian skintone. I do not have my own picture, but Laquerized has a pretty accurate colour representation – at least on my monitor. Here:

  3. Tänud et selle kohta review tegid, ma just plaanisin seda osta, sest pudelis tundub see päris ilus aga küünte peal ootasin ma justkui heledamat kollast:( peab vist jah seda õiget pastelset kollast otsima hakkama…

    • Selle lakiga on tegelikult selline huvitav lugu — ta on hämaramas valguses nagu meil talvel väljas ja toas on selline erksam helekollane, aga heledas valguses on ikka puhas pastell naha taustal.

      Muidu ma ei tea kas väga soovitada saan. Nende kihtide maalimisel peab ikka hobuse kannatus olema. 😛 Mul sai otsa kui kolmandaga valmis sain, kuigi tegelikult oleks neljandata ka vaja läinud, et mõnda ‘paljavõitu’ kohta peita.

      Kas sa muidu Sally Hanseni X-treme’ide Mellow Yellow lakki tead? Suhteliselt sarnased on ainult SH on ilma sädeluseta.

  4. Fiercely Fiona is great colour. It’s currently in my untrieds stash, I think a keep it until it’s warmer and use it for a pedi.

    I think you might like yellow polishes from Inglot. They have 3 or 4 pale citron-y yellow polishes. Cold pale yellows, like winter’s sun (if you can call a yellow “cold”). These look a lot better IRL, don’t believe the website swatches. BTW, they have a matte pale yellow!

    Also, look around for Yellow Bombay from Gosh. It looks like a lemon rind, with some sparkle thrown in. Gor-ge-ous!

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