Fade to Greige

Is there a more awesome name for a beautiful purple-mauve-taupe? I think not. The colour description, while as accurate as I can get, is a real mouthful though. 😛

Anyhow, you’ve probably seen a ton of these types of colours lately — they’re probably one of the biggest trends of this year. The main difference in all of these lies in the balance of purple/mauve-gray-beige. and the colour depth. Other examples of this trend that are not really dupes, but such fraternal twins that you only really need one (unless you’re a great fan) include China Glaze’s Below Deck and Channelesque, and Alessandro’s Dusty Purple, etc. I really need to do a comp.

Meanwhile, here’s Ciate’s Fade to Greige from their fall/winter 2011 collection of two.

This was buttery perfection in two coats. If it weren’t for the price tag  (€10.50) on Ciate polishes, I’d probably own all; their brush+cap combo is my favourite out of all brands I’ve tried and the formula is really lovely. Plus, it dries fast to a super- glossy finish.

So unquestionably elegant.



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