The Polish to Look Forward To

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my favourite colour in the world, seriously the prettiest colour to me is yellow ochre. I don’t even care if this would look good on me, but from the time I started collecting polish, I’ve been trying to find a polish in that shade.

Are there any? I’ve yet to find one; they’re all either too yellow, too orange, too brown, too bright, not bright enough etc. A true yellow ochre colour? None.

So, as I was trawling the net for a polish in that shade again today, guess what I found? A preview for China Glaze’s Fall 2011 collection called Metro inspired by New York City.

I know we are still several collections away (Tronica, Crackle, Island Escape) but July can’t come fast enough for me. Because look at that shade in the bottom right corner… what does it look like? Ochre! And the colour description states — Trendsetter (ochre shimmer).

Eeep. *wants it*

And doesn’t the entire collection look amazing?



2 thoughts on “The Polish to Look Forward To

  1. Ah, I’ve banned myself from buying any more nail polish for a few months (at least two), starting this week, but I’m so glad I’ll be “allowed” to buy them again come July! The collection looks great, and those are just the promo pics 😀 I’ll definitely want the Island Escape collection, and the Crackles (though I’ll still be on my ban when that’s launched, I think, so I hope they don’t sell out xP)! I was so disappointed in the swatches I saw for the Tronica collection, though – I was hoping for a MUCH stronger holo effect!

    • From the promo pictures this looks like it might be one of the few collections where I’m gonna get the entire one! The last was Orly’s Cosmics. 😉

      I’m kinda sad that the entire Tronica collection seems like less interesting semi-dupes of the OMG collection. 😦

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