Red as Blood

A little break from taupe-y elegance. 🙂

I decided to try out gradient sponging for the very first time today. I picked out three polishes — Alix Avien No 156 (a pinkish coral jelly), China Glaze High Roller (a tomato red jelly) and Essie Bordeaux (a wine red jelly). As you can see, I chose all jelly polishes in the hopes that their sheer nature would make my mistakes in sponging less obvious. 😉

What I didn’t count on, is that their jelliness also made my nails extremely reactive to different lighting conditions so the gradient changes from subtle to high contrast depending on the brightness of the light.

I used two coats of the Alix Avien for my base, sponged High Roller on 2/3 of my tips and Bordeaux on 1/3 of the tips.

Natural light — overcast day.

Low lamp light.

Regular lamp light.

The first picture (natural light) is the most colour accurate, while the second is overwhelmingly too yellow/orange.

So, this was way easier and less messy and more fun than I thought. I now have a ton of gradient ideas in my head. Practice makes perfect! 😀


p.s. Estonian ladies, Sinful Colors is on sale in Selvers — €1.89 a pop! I picked up Innocent, Happy Ending, Mint Apple, Love Nails, What’s Your Name? and Daddy’s Girl.


2 thoughts on “Red as Blood

    • Thanks! And what an awesome idea to use a makeup sponge. Seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I think this will make it easier and smoother as those are not as “spongy” as the regular dishwashing sponge I used. XD Seriously. I just went with what I had in hand.

      I dropped some polish on the corner of a sponge and let is seep for a second, then pressed it against a paper towel to get some of the polish off so it wouldn’t just paint my nails… and from there on just kept on sponging. 🙂 When I did the darkest colour at the tips I freehand frenched them first and wrapped my tips and then sponged over. HTH!

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